The Zaky CARES™ donates The Zaky to frontline heroes, NICU/PICUs that celebrate Kangaroo Care Day, and parents of hospitalized babies

We have donated over $5000 in The Zaky during COVID-19!

The Zaky was born from maternal love, the agony of separation, and science to facilitate babies and parents co-regulating.  They need each other to get through this pandemic. 

The Zaky ZAK when you are together

The Zaky HUG when you are apart

 The Zaky Cares, that’s why, one of our traditions is that for Zachary's birthday (since 2011), we donate our products to NICU and PICUs that celebrate Kangaroo Care Day on May 15th.

This year, because of COVID-19, more parents and clinicians are requesting The Zaky so we are donating US$5000 worth of The Zaky HUG and The Zaky ZAK.  Who can apply?

  • Parents of hospitalized babies in neonatal or pediatric intensive care units.
  • Any hospital unit that celebrates Kangaroo Care Day (May 15th) 
  • Frontline Workers of COVID-19 that are parents of newborns.

Nurtured by Design is a small, family-owned and operated company. On one hand, it means that Zachary, who inspired our products (this is our story) is using his quarantine to assist with this donation while finishing high school.   On the other hand, it means that we have limited budget. To donate more products and reach as many families as possible, we need your generosity to buy one-donate one, or cover shipping costs for those that cannot afford it.

Thank you so much for sharing this project with your friends, colleagues, and family.

Stay safe, healthy, and nurture while Together and Apart with The Zaky.



We lived and understand the agony of separation from our own baby Zachary. He was in the NICU during a blackout from a flood and the attack of September 11.  We know the importance of minimizing distance during separation and maximizing the limited time spent together by doing safe kangaroo care.  That is what The Zaky is all about.   Every year we celebrate Zachary's birthday and this year we add his high school graduation.

Zachary with us in 2001


Zach is graduating from high school and all celebrations are cancelled. He is starting engineering in the Fall, 2020.

We work on his behalf!

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