The Zaky HUG


Babies love to be hugged and parents love hugging them, unfortunately life gets on the way and we can't hold them all the time. 

The Zaky HUG is here to provide a soothing surrounding that helps promote sleep by providing reassurance of the touch by shape, weight, scent, and warmth of the parent's touch. The Zaky HUG also provides proper positioning to support the correct posture and musculoskeletal development of your little one.

The results for the preemies in a randomized control trial suggest that The Zaky HUG significant decreased apnea/bradycardia and significantly improved self-regulation and reduced stress behaviors.

The Zaky HUG is great for newborns, older babies that cannot sleep, children that experience separation anxiety when the parent leave, or any child under medical treatment. Some customers use them for adults that need a positioner or the scent of the loved ones.

The Zaky HUG is recommended for any child (or adult) regardless of size, medical condition or developmental stage. Sometimes all we need is the HUG of a loved one.

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