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The Zaky® has nurtured over a million babies without restriction of movement, medication, or invasive procedures.

Unwrap the power of your touch with The Zaky®

The gift of sleep, love, neuroprotection, attachment, and development for babies of any size, medical condition, or developmental stage

The Zaky® increases oxytocin, melatonin, and serotonin, the hormones for feelings of connection, bonding, safety, trust, relaxation, happiness, and that support falling and staying asleep.

The Zaky® extends the power of your touch and assists with comfort, development, sense of security, pain management, and sleep without medication.
Fathers improve infant health by supporting all the benefits of kangaroo care, the baby-father bond, and mother-father co-parenting

Whether the baby is preemie, under medical care, or healthy, The Zaky ZAK® is the preferred holding device by fathers. It is simple to wear, it holds the weight and proper posture of the baby, and it provides safety and full access to the baby with minimal disruptions for interventions.

Zero Separation. The Zaky® brings us together when the world is staying apart.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Zaky® remains essential in evoking zero separation between you and your baby.

Your touch, scent, and love are magical when it comes to naturally fostering the perfect surroundings for restorative sleep.

Use The Zaky ZAK® when you are together in skin to skin or breastfeeding, and The Zaky HUG® when life happens and you are apart. Download The Zaky® mobile app to track your skin-to-skin duration and other activities as a family. Our organic wellness line is The Zaky ZEN®.

Sleep is vital in protecting the brain and nurturing the senses' development, growth, attachment, breastfeeding, and healing. The Zaky® is arguably the best in promoting sleep naturally.

We ship HUGs and ZAKs globally.


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Love and zero separation around the clock


The Zaky CARES™ initiative updates

The Zaky CARES™ collaborates with families and organizations to give The Zaky nurturing experience to hospitalized babies globally.

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