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Close personal touch, meaningful social interactions and engagement

Whether you love a preemie or a full term baby, in a hospital or at home, or you are a family member or a volunteer cuddler, The Zaky ZAK is ergonomically designed with the sole objective of facilitating safe, prolonged, efficient and effective Kangaroo Care and Skin to Skin Contact from birth and for 3 months after due date.


The Zaky ZAK (previously known as Kangaroo Zak) is a  strong, soft, breathable, stretchy and strapless top made with natural fibers that wraps around the torso of the adult and closes on the side with an adjustable zipper. 

Evidence suggests that during continuous contact, the baby reaches deep sleep necessary to heal, grow and develop their brain.

The Zaky ZAK helps to provide comfort, proper positioning, and sense of security to the baby. The Zaky ZAK keeps the baby in place, potentially reducing the risk of accidental falls during Kangaroo Care if the parents fall asleep holding the baby. 

It facilitates immediate access to the baby in case of emergency and is designed to be used in case of power outage to the incubators.

The Zaky ZAK is the only device ergonomically designed to be used from birth, in any hospital unit or at home.

It comes in three adjustable sizes, and it is designed not only to provide safety, but to hold the weight and provide proper posture and positioning for both parent and baby.

The Zaky ZAK also provides the baby with the proper boundaries and containment without restraining movement and facilitates instant access to the baby with minimum disruption. By parents holding hands-free, the Zaky ZAK facilitates prolonged and effective Kangaroo Care session.

Please consult with your doctor or nurse about doing Kangaroo Care, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, WHO, UNICEF, etc.

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