Our true story: the science of a transformative promise

The inspiration of The Zaky - a baby weighing almost 2 lbs in 2001 that changed the way we care for babies!Engineer Yamile Jackson and her husband Larry welcomed their baby Zachary in Houston, TX in 2001.  

Little Zach was not even a 2-pound preemie. Soon after, Tropical Storm Allison left Zach’s hospital and life-supporting equipment powerless, even the back up power failed. The Jacksons and hospital staff kept baby Zach alive “by touch” for 9 hours until his evacuation. Yamile promised Zachary that she would turn his struggle into something great.  
She asked Larry, “If our touch helped Zachary survive and thrive, could it help other babies?” 

Your baby easily sleeps in your arms because your powerful touch provides the emotional and physical support needed for your baby to reach quiet sleep; that's when the brain develops sensorial systems for life: from problem solving to social skills.

With the heart of a mother, the brains of a PhD and Larry’s support, Yamile created a line of products ergonomically designed to extend the benefits of your wonderful touch.

Through ergonomics engineering, The Zaky creates welcoming surroundings that help you extend the power of your touch so babies sleep and develop and enjoy the best quality of life possible.

The story of our brand is the story of our family.

We’d like you to be part of it”

Yamile Jackson,
PhD in engineering, mother, and entrepreneur.

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