NAS Admission Kits at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas

By Hannah Clark, Child Life, Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Texas. 

For several years, Child Life assembles a NAS Admission Kits and The Zaky is instrumental for us to provide effective, humane, and nurturing non-pharmacological interventions around the clock for our NAS population!

The Zaky System (HUG, ZAK, ZEN) consistently and effectively supports the physical, emotional, and neuroprotecive care for babies that go through withdrawal at Parkland. Moms and staff love the results from The Zaky.

During separation and when the babies are on the bed/bassinet, The Zaky HUGs provide proper, soothing, and comfortable positioning, containment, boundaries, the scent of the loved ones which all assist us in providing nurturing intervention that promotes self-soothing behaviors.

During closeness, The Zaky ZAKs keep our babies and moms together comfortably and safely which significantly improve skin-to-skin with our infants. This is critical in forming attachments behaviors and to realize all the benefits of kangaroo care that are documented in the literature (breasfeeding, attachment, improved confidence of the mother, etc.)

From The Zaky ZEN,  the soothing organic lavender body wash is the perfect soak for the babies during a swaddle bath.  The organic lavender lotion provides a calming aroma while massaging and stretching tight muscles.  

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