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First and foremost, Thank you for the work that you do.  If you are attending GRAVENS is because you take care of sick babies (like mine once was) and work to save their lives in the NICU.

Even though I left the NICU with Zach 19 years ago, I keep my mission that every baby is loved and comforted (in kangaroo care and on their bed) around the clock, no matter how sick they are.  There are many benefits from this. Relaxed babies sleep better, hurt less, eat more, breath better, require less medication, and sleep.  All these also reduces the stress of the mother and a relaxed mother calms her baby more effectively and produces more and better milk. 

The Zaky is engineered for zero separation and to translate evidence into practice: The Zaky HUG while #apart and The Zaky ZAK while #Together.  It is the least expensive way (with immediate results) to help you transform the quality of care in a NICU:

  • that improves the satisfaction of patients, parents, and staff,
  • improves healthcare outcomes, and
  • reduces the cost of care. 

Your patients are someone's baby, and as parents we can do so much for them, give them love and show them there is a reason to fight to survive (or at least give them the opportunity to feel loved while they are here). 

Scientific knowledge and love light our way.

 I invite you to watch the video from Oprah (7min) to see why I am here supporting your work, and the HUFFPOST video (2min) to see it in action.


We prepared some helpful information and links: 

 The Zaky HUG  gives you a hand when babies are not being held in kangaroo care:

The Zaky HUG

It is the only evidence based device that significantly improved self-regulation, decreased pain indicators, and decreased of apnea/bradycardia for the babies in research. 

The shape, weight, and touch that simulates the parent's hands and hugs, it provides around the clock neuroprotective developmental care, developmental care, family-centered care, trauma informed care, and as a neck roll for the parent during kangaroo care.   

One pair of The Zaky HUG humanizes the care of neonates, increases satisfaction of parents, patients, and staff, and reduces the cost of healthcare by virtually replacing all developmental care devices used on the bed or in the incubator: positioners (prone, supine, side lying), attachment/ transition/ soothing aids, boundary/containment devices. 

One universal weight and size allows you to provide individualized care to all NICU babies. Click to learn more about The Zaky HUG  in our main website or here to view the evidence too


The Zaky ZAK is the only evidence-based safety device engineered for neonates in kangaroo care. 

The Zaky ZAK

The Zaky ZAK supports and keeps the baby safe while holding (skin to skin or clothed) even if the adult gets distracted . It is adjustable so it fits perfectly (and reduces inventory), it holds one or multiple babies weighing 1-15 lbs.

Access baby for interventions, breastfeeding, and transfers quietly, safely, and immediately. It is very comfortable, unisex, prevents sliding, dislodging, and accidents/falls during kangaroo care.

Studies show significant improvement of duration, frequency, parent satisfaction for NICU, patients with heart disease, and term-babies after going home.  Click to learn more about The Zaky ZAK in our main website or here to view the evidence too




Neuroprotective care is achieved with proper sleep, and it requires much more than proper positioning.  The Zaky humanizes the care of the neonate.

We recently asked why is it important for NICU patients to sleep and relax and how is it achieved.
Here are some answers, which not surprisingly, are the same for neonates and adults:

  • "If patients are relaxed they hurt less"
  • "Feeling less pain helps you relax"
  • "Not constantly changing the environment by having different positioning devices"
  • "If you are relaxed then you sleep better"
  • "Comfortable/proper position helps you relax"
  • "Decreasing unplanned interventions in the ICU helps the patient relax"
  • "Sense of protection with proper boundaries and containment, warmth, feeling loved them relax"

    The Zaky is the only evidence-based, ergonomic brand that is engineered to provide the environment that promotes sleep and calmness to the NICU patients and parents around the clock.

    The Zaky HUG relaxes babies on the bed or in the incubator
    The Zaky ZAK relaxes babies while being held skin to skin or clothed.

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