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Grace United Methodist Church Women's Group in Rockford, IL donates The Zaky HUG® to Javon Bea Mercy Health Hospital and to Swedish American Hospital.

by Lelah K.

All The Zaky HUGs® were blessed and prayed over Sunday, June 2nd.   Members of our women's group held a Zaky box during worship.  During the blessing and prayer, we stood with these boxes and those sitting close enough reached out to lay hands on these beautiful boxes before we gave them to Javon Bea Mercy Health Hospital and to Swedish American Hospital.

We opened the cardboard box at that point to remove several boxes of The Zaky HUGs and took a couple pictures.  Of course I couldn't help but cry!  These ladies were excited and very grateful!!  Our gift increased their The Zaky HUG inventory from 24 to 42.  This gives their current patients each one of The Zaky HUG after the sanitization process.  

I so appreciate your compassion for God's littlest of His children and your friendship with a group of women who you have never met.  You have assisted us in being God's servants in blessing others, but you have also blessed us.  Thank you so very much!!

The Zaky HUG in Rockford Illinois

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