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HuGging Michael

First of all thank you for having such a generous and helpful program (On Behalf of Zachary Program). It is always encouraging to find people along the way who are happy to help with the journey. Our baby Michael was born in December at 28 weeks, 1 day -- weighing just under 3 lbs, which dropped to 2.5 within a few days. We got the Zaky while he was still in the incubator (giraffe), and used it to help position him. It is hard to know, within the whirlwind of the NICU, exactly what to attribute to each individual component. All I can tell you is The Zaky hands worked perfectly; mom held them close to her body for a while, then we used it to put him in whatever position -- prone, on his side, or just across his little tummy when he was on his back. He seemed to like that. It felt safer than the rolled-up receiving blanket we were using for positioning until then, and was easy to mold into whatever shape we wanted. We just got Michael home at 39 weeks gestation last week and are still using the Zaky in his crib. We have already recommended the Zaky and the program to other parents in the NICU. Thanks again, -Tamir Nitzan