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Abigail skips the bassinet using The Zaky HUG, in Sugar Land, Texas

Abigail uses The Zaky HUG every night! As you can tell from the photos, I started using them in the hospital! The photos show them up high by her head, but I move them down and mostly keep them below her waist now that she's moving around a lot while she naps. Once she is sleeping or I leave the room then I remove them.

I didn't end up using a bassinet and started her in the crib early. The Zaky helped her feel like she was secure in the large crib. I don't know what I'd do without  them!

I will order them for my nieces that arrive later this year. 

All the best,


The Zaky HUG in the hospital The Zaky HUG with Abigail
The Zaky HUG with Abigail Abigail