"In touch with experts: LIVE" with our guest Dawn Miller-Hanna on Preparing for 2022 Kangaroo Care Awareness Day and Kangaroo-a-thons

"In touch with experts: LIVE" with our guest Dawn Miller-Hanna on Preparing for 2022 Kangaroo Care Awareness Day and Kangaroo-a-thons

“In Touch With Experts, LIVE" is a Q&A session via zoom with our guest expert.  It is an initiative by Kangaroo Care Day that brings evidence-based topics in plain English to families of hospitalized and well- babies, and the clinicians that care for them.  Hosted by Yamile Jackson, Ph.D., P.E., P.M.P. (CEO, Nurtured by Design and former NICU parent) and Marie Boone-Clark (COO, Antonia and Grace).

Time: April 7, 2022 at 11am CST
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Let's prepare for Kangaroo Care Day together with Dawn Miller-Hanna, a Kangaroo Care expert and experienced nurse who leads her NICU's KC Day celebrations. Share ideas, resources, lessons learned, challenges, and the 2022 Global Kangaroo-a-thon. Can't make it on April 7th at 11 am? Register & receive the recording. Register now. Seats are limited.
  • Parents or family members of hospitalized babies and small children. 
  • Parents of well babies or babies under medical care at home.
  • Clinicians interested in the developmental outcomes of the patients and families. CEUs are not provided.
  • Anyone interested in this topic.


    OUR GUEST:  Dawn Miller-Hanna, RN, BSN, RN-NIC, CKC
    Dawn has been a Registered Nurse in the NICU since 1988.
    Dawn became passionate about Kangaroo Care after she obtained her Developmental Care Specialist Certification in 2014. She learned that Kangaroo Care was a vital aspect of helping the preterm infant survive and thrive in the NICU's harsh environment. She obtained the Kangaroo Caregiver Certification in 2015 from the United States Institute of Kangaroo Care presented by Dr. Susan Ludington-Hoe.
    Dawn was instrumental in developing a robust Kangaroo Care policy for her hospital, including being involved in the International Kangaroo-a-thon and Kangaroo Care Awareness Day.
    In 2016 Dawn presented a lecture for University Medical Center of Southern Las Vegas on the concept of Kangaroo Care. That same year she also presented information about Kangaroo Care  to the Northern Nevada Maternal Child Coalition in Reno Nevada.
    Dawn is the author of the book entitled the ABC's of Kangaroo Care: Everything You Wanted to Know About Kangaroo Care. This book highlights many of the benefits of KC with references to justify the benefits.
    Dawn loves to share her knowledge of Kangaroo Care to others. 


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    ABOUT KANGAROO CARE DAY: The International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day is an initiative founded by Yamile Jackson, Ph.D., PE, PMP on behalf of her son, Zachary, to improve the care of families through nurturing touch, kangaroo care, mental health, trauma-informed care, and education.  It is now celebrated in hospitals globally on May 15th since 2011. Visit www.kangaroo.care

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