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                Welcoming a baby to a nurturing and calm world is possible with The Zaky. 

                The Zaky HUG® extends the power of your touch when the baby is not being held.  The HUGs give the baby a nurturing environment to fall asleep safely.  Remove them when the baby is asleep or you leave the room.  Feeling loved and safe is a necessary element for falling asleep and learning how to sleep alone, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  The Zaky HUG® is the best tool to help them fall asleep. 

                The Zaky ZAK® holds your baby safely on your chest. 

                Whether you are looking for a unique gift for the delivery, c-section, postpartum, for a baby shower, or are looking to help a sleep-deprived parent and baby, The Zaky is arguably your best option.

                With over two decades of love and science to calm, nurture, and promote sleep of the most critically ill babies, The Zaky is available for retail globally



                Check out the experience of a parent in Houston, Texas:

                "Abigail uses The Zaky HUG®  every night! I started using them in the hospital! The photos show them up high by her head, but I move them down and mostly keep them below her waist now that she's moving around a lot while she naps and I am with her. 

                Once she is sleeping or I leave the room then I remove them. I didn't end up using a bassinet and started her in the crib early. The Zaky HUG®s helped her feel like she was secure in the large crib. I don't know what I'd do without them!  I will order them for my nieces that arrive later this year. 

                All the best,

                Extend the power of touch with The Zaky!

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