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HUGging Lorenzo at Careggi di Firenze, Italy

HUGging Lorenzo at Careggi di Firenze, Italy

Lorenzo, Ospedale Careggi di Firenze, Ecco È nato il 7 ottobre a 30 settimane Ecco il mio Lorenzo all ospedale con la vostra mano Zaky.... Gli ...
The Zaky ZAK allowed Daniela to care for her preemie and her toddler at the same time.

The Zaky ZAK allowed Daniela to care for her preemie and her toddler at the same time.

Our son, Ean, was born at 25w3d and was in the NICU for 104 days in 2016. During the majority of that time, I was working full time and we also h...
Jessie Walters, NICU nurse chooses The Zaky ZAK when her baby is born.

Jessie Walters, NICU nurse chooses The Zaky ZAK when her baby is born.

As a NICU nurse, there’s nothing more special than helping a parent being able to hold their baby skin to skin (kangaroo care). Babies in NICU have...

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I have introduced the Zaky to many units in different countries and it speaks for itself. Everyone understands what it can do. It is versatile and can be used in many different ways. I don't recommend many products - the Zaky is one of the few that I endorse with confidence because I see babies relaxed and comfortable with this support when they cannot be in the arms of their parents. A great invention. Thank you.” 

Inga Warren, London (UK), International NIDCAP Trainer

"The Zaky meets all infection control requirements for being a safe, therapeutic aid. The Zaky is washable, unlike the multitude of stuffed animals brought in by parents and used by the staff as positioning or comforting aids, for supporting tubes and other patient care equipment." 

Kathy Ware, RN, CIC Infection Control Nurse for Level 2 and 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Texas Children’s Hospital Houston, Texas

"I was expecting to cover just another medical story for the news, when I scheduled an appointment with Yamile Jackson. Instead, it turned out to be a life-altering event for my family. As a mother of a preemie and a full-term newborn, I can't imagine life without a ZAKY!!!! These wonderful, loving arms are always there for me, when I can't be. Whether it's propping up their little heads in a car seat or keeping them warm and feeling safe at night, I've got my bases covered with our ZAKY's. My 3-year old and my baby wouldn't feel secure without them. Thank you Yamile, for helping make our lives more complete!"

Melissa Cook, News Anchor/Reporter

The babies that benefit the most from the Zaky are all especially those requiring some boundary or nesting. The main difference between the Zaky and other items I use to comfort the babies is the length, much softer, it is like a Mom's hand providing touch. The Zaky helps me in my job as it helps to provide boundaries and comfort irritable babies. The families especially like it. They feel we are offering something special for their baby. It offers much support and help."

Trish Carr NICU Manager, Driscoll Children's Hospital Corpus Christin, Texas, USA

"The Zakys are wonderful devices to use in car seats. They help to properly position infants and support them while in the car seat. They are safe to use because they do not impede with the car seat's ability to protect the infant during a crash."

Meghan Bertani, M.A., CCLS, CPST Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Child Life Specialist & Certified Passenger Safety Technician Houston, TX

"We have used the Zakys for the last 6 months, our moms and dads love them. They settle the babies, especially those withdrawing from drug abuse."

Wendy Nye Nursery Nurse, Birmingham Women's Hospital Birmingham, England

"A wonderful resource for NICU babies to use and NICU parents to be able to give their babies a hand."

Kirsti A. Dyer MD, MS, FT Former Pool Physician, Adult Primary Care Clinic, Former NICU Parent Walnut Creek, California, USA

"The way to diminish the stress, the anxiety, and the restlessness of babies is preferably by positioning them so that they are comfortable and feel secure. Babies seem to enjoy very much the fact that we are providing boundaries for them, they are able to keep an adequate position, and the Zaky is a very soft touch."

Dr. Fernando Moya Richard Mithoff Professor of Pediatrics Director of Neonatology Services at New Hanover Regional Medical Center Professor of Pediatrics at the University of North Carolina and Coastal Area Health Education Center

"What an ingenuine creation! The nursing staff and child life specialists are so ecstatic about its multipurpose use. The Zakys are certainly most appropriate for our patients’ use." 

Rita Goodrich, Director General Services, Shriners Hospital for Children

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Lindsay Butrum

My baby is one month old now and he's a pretty big guy, though he still fits in the Kangaroo Zak. He, like a lot of newborns, tends to keep himsel...

Carissa CLare, Australia

Who knew something so simple could be such a saviour!! I no longer have to rock Arabella to sleep everytime i put her down for a nap. And i'm sure ...