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The Zaky ZAK:

The Zaky HUG

The Zaky ZEN:

Practice skin-to-skin (S2S) as much as possible up to 12 weeks after baby’s due date. Learn about the science behind S2S.
 extend the power of your touch so your baby knows you are there even when you are apart. From micro-preemies to forever. Learn about the science behind The Zaky HUG. 
prepare your skin for the most subtle touch and share its power. We'll blog about baby massage techniques.

    The Zaky ZAK From micro-preemies up to 12 weeks after baby's due date.


    1. Wash it: with unscented soap before use, and then, as needed.
    2. Wear it: after cleaning your skin with unscented wipes, if needed. With The Zaky ZAK around your waste, zip it half way.
    3. Work it: with your baby on your chest zip it fully. Use it for at least 60min or a full sleep cycle as frequently as possible. (Check the instructional video)


    1. Don’t mask your scent: with scented soaps for you or The Zaky ZAK. Store it away from perfumes or scents.
    2. Don’t stand hands free.



    The Zaky HUG From micro-preemies to forever


    1. Wash it: in its washing bag with unscented soap, before use and as often as you wash baby sheets.
    2. Wear it: after cleaning your skin with unscented wipes, if needed. Wear it around your neck for an hour, or hug it while you sleep after each wash.
    3. Warm it: in a towel warmer, the dryer or your skin if you just wore it.
    4. Work it: test temperature and adjust the filling to mimic the pressure of your touch. Position your baby first and then The Zaky HUGs as you'd position your arms. Remove if baby is asleep.

     Check the instructional videos (to develop)


    1. Don’t mask your scent: with commercial soaps with chemicals or fragrances on you or The Zaky HUG.  Use our natural/organic products from The Zaky ZEN.
    2. Don’t cover baby’s airways: position The Zaky HUG away from the face
    3. Don’t use it through the night: Remove after the baby is asleep or you leave the room.  We abide the American Association of Pediatricians ‘Back to Sleep’ guidelines. 

      The Zaky ZEN:

      Prepare your skin for the most subtle touch and massage your baby as you would with any other skin care line. Check our blog regularly for massages techniques!

      Care for The Zaky ZAK and The Zaky HUG:

      For your comfort, our products are easy care.

      1. Before Use: Wash it in its washing bag with unscented soap.
      2. During-Use: Wash it as often as you wash baby sheets -or as needed.
      3. Storage: Store it in its washing bag, as you would store baby clothes, and away from scents.