Your The Zaky ZAK®

Congratulations, you now have a The Zaky ZAK®, arguably the most sophisticated and loving safety device engineered to provide a predictable and effective micro-environment that assists babies with falling asleep while being held in kangaroo care or clothed.

The Zaky ZAK® is the only device engineered for holding babies that weigh from 1 to 15 lbs and was designed by the [kangaroo] mom of Zach (a former micro-preemie). Ph.D. in ergonomics and safety engineering, certified Kangaroo Caregiver and Trauma-Informed Care Professional. Read more about the story behind The Zaky®.




Evidence shows that touch leads babies to quiet sleep; that’s when the brain develops.  Sensory systems that require sleep for normal development include touch, motion, position, smell and taste, hearing, seeing, emotion, social learning, and memory.

Your nurturing touch changes everything, from the brain of the newborn to the heart of the adult. Above all, touch best communicates your love for each other and keeps you calm and connected.

The Zaky ZAK® is unisex and engineered to ergonomically hold the baby's weight and proper posture while being held, and access the baby easily and quietly for interventions. 

Click here to learn about the positive results of using the Zaky ZAK® for NICU and healthy babies that participated in different independent clinical studies.

By providing a positive sensorial experience, family-integrated care, relaxation, and nonpharmacologic pain management, The Zaky ZAK® is the preferred device for skin-to-skin contact. That’s why The Zaky ZAK® is used and loved in homes and in all hospital units that care for babies for almost two decades. 

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How to use The Zaky ZAK®

The Zaky ZAK® is ergonomically crafted to maximize the benefits of skin-to-skin contact and holding while clothed.

WEAR IT comfortably to your size, close the zipper in front, and then transfer the baby.  Doing one step at a time minimizes errors and increases safety.

WASH/DRY/STORE IT in a washing bag, preferably away from artificial scents and fragrances.  Wash before its first use and as often as needed with the rest of the baby's items.

WARM IT (Optional): in a towel warmer, for a couple of minutes in the dryer before wearing it.

WORK IT: Fold it down, fold it up, or partially open the zipper to access the baby quietly and with minimal disruption for interventions.  When finished, cover the baby up to the earlobe and close the zipper for safety.

AFTER SKIN-TO-SKIN CONTACT: Keep wearing The Zaky ZAK® and be ready for the next kangaroo care session.

PREPARE NATURALLY: Limit chemicals or fragrances on your skin or when washing The Zaky ZAK®. Use our natural/organic products from The Zaky ZEN® (sold separately).

"SAFE SLEEP":  The Zaky ZAK® provides a consistent and predictable environment for babies to learn to self-soothe and fall asleep, reducing the need for swaddling.  
When you put the baby back to the bed, lower The Zaky ZAK® or open the zipper to release the baby quietly and with minimal disruption. 

Use The Zaky HUG® (sold separately) to provide continued containment and your soothing scent until the baby is sleeping. Abide by the American Academy of Pediatrics' Back to Sleep' and safety guidelines by using The Zaky HUG® to assist the baby with falling asleep and taking it with you after the baby is sleeping or is unsupervised. Your healthcare team may recommend other uses for The Zaky HUG®, depending on the individual condition of your baby.

GROWING WITH THE ZAKY ZAK®:  Babies love to be held and parents love wearing them. Hold babies that weigh 1 to 15 lbs. with The Zaky ZAK®.