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                The Zaky® products have been approved and successfully used in NICUs, PICUs, CICUs, Recovery, Therapy, and Rehab, in hospitals that care for babies and children since 2004. 

                Now they are available for retail so families can bring them to the hospital and provide evidence-based care in the hospital, after discharge (providing a nice transition to home), and to subsequent hospitalizations if necessary.

                When our child is sick at home or hospitalized, all we want is to hold them, comfort them, take away their pain, touch them, tell them that we love them, and give them hope to thrive and recover. All that is difficult in the hospital, so The Zaky® is here to support you.

                The Zaky®  is arguably the best gift for a family because it assists with calming them, alleviating pain, promoting sleep and proper development, lowering stress, and protecting the attachment and zero-separation from their loved ones. 

                All without medications or invasive procedures. 

                Clinical evidence suggests that The Zaky® improves self-regulation, brain protection, attachment, and pain management.  Babies that feel loved, calm and comfortable sleep better (so they eat better and grow faster), require fewer unplanned interventions and less medication and are discharged more quickly.

                The Zaky ZAK® is for holding them until they weigh 15 lbs.   The Zaky HUG® is for everyone to use for proper developmental care based in family integration when they are not (or cannot be) held.  

                We are here to assist you. Contact us with any questions or comments. or email intouch@thezaky.com





                Hospitalized babies and toddlers (7)

                The Zaky HUG®


                The Zaky ZAK®


                The Zaky WELCOME BABY GIFT SET (The Zaky ZAK® + The Zaky HUG®)


                The Zaky® ROO (plush toy) - Is now available!


                Fundraiser by NICU Alumni: The Zaky HUG® for Baptist Health System’s South Miami Hospital


                Fundraiser for Love for Lily: The Zaky ZAK® for UCHealth


                Fundraiser by and for Baptist South NICU in Jacksonville, Florida: The Zaky ZAK®

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