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Ergonomics, Safety Engineering and Technology for Parent/Child

Family integrative, neuroprotective care needs to be implemented widely and effectively.
We apply science, love, and a heavy dose of parental intervention to engineer The Zaky experience, the human-centered, nurturing, ergonomic devices for individualized care around the clock. 
Together, we're nurturing brighter beginnings, a seamless inclusion of babies into their families, and healthier futures.
The Zaky® calms babies and families, protecting Zero-Separation, neuroprotection, development, and improving
their quality of life for a lifetime.
On behalf of Zachary.
With The Zaky®, all babies experience a nurturing, healing, and welcoming world from birth, where they can sleep, grow, develop, heal, and feel loved.


The Zaky® are our award-winning products and they provide extra-hands allowing for zero separation while safely holding and calming your baby so they can sleep and feel safe. Our products extend the power of your touch to nurture your baby and create a micro-environment that promotes sleep, brain development, and attachment around the clock. 

Nurtured by Design is a company focused on enhancing the wellbeing of both parents and children through innovative, ergonomic products. 

Nurtured by Design combines engineering with a personal and deep understanding of parental and infant needs, creating products that offer the emotional and physical benefits for an improved quality of life for a lifetime. This is particularly important for those who can greatly benefit from the sense of security and comfort provided by The Zaky products, around the clock.

The company emphasizes the significance of love, science, and a parent’s touch in a child’s development and aims to provide tools that facilitate the essential contact, helping to reduce stress and improve outcomes for both children and their parents, in every setting, for every family.



Company Name: Nurtured by Design, Inc
Brand: The Zaky® 
Products: The Zaky ZAK®, The Zaky HUG®, The Zaky APP, and Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)
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Sugar Land, Texas 77487
Ph: (833) THE-ZAKY
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