The Zaky® Mobile App for parents

 The Zaky® mobile app is the technology by Nurtured by Design that improves parent involvement and kangaroo care (also called skin-to-skin contact or skin-to-skin care) globally. 


"I heard about the app on a pregnancy and parenting FB group, apparently, it had been recommended to someone by neonatal nurses. I like the app and have found it very useful when we've been in the hospital, as it enables my partner to see what has been happening while he's been at work. It's particularly good in our case as it has things such as tracking Gavage/NG tube feeding and breast and bottle, and I can use the journal entries to communicate other information when needed. For me, it is particularly helpful to keep track of feeding and nappies and communicate via the journal what had happened and when, while in hospital I found it hard to remember a lot of what the doctors were asking, and I could look back on the app." - Clara, Lincolnshire, UK."

The Zaky APP - Mobile application

Here is some info about the app:

OBJECTIVE OF THE APP: Continuing with our commitment to raising the practice, safety, education, and awareness of kangaroo care worldwide, The Zaky® smartphone and iPad application's main objective is to make kangaroo care count globally.

The Zaky® Experience improves kangaroo care safety, duration and frequency and with The Zaky ZAK®, the app keeps track of kangaroo care and provides a learn module written by experts.  It also tracks and logs other activities and developmental information and has a journal.

The Zaky application contains a user-centered graphical interface and provides the parents with information on the importance of kangaroo care,  enabling them to be active participants in improving the practice, communicate and share with others to win Kangaroo-a-thons!

INTENDED USERS: The app is for new parents: expecting parents, parents of babies in NICU, those being discharged, well babies at home, and babies in other intensive care units 0-3 years old, however the main activity is kangaroo care (babies weighing 1-15 lbs). Others use it as members of a baby's group to collaborate with the baby's care.

PRICE: The app is free.

DEVICES: iPhone, iPad, or Android

LANGUAGES:  English, Spanish, French

BABY'S GROUPS: Parents may invite other people (nurses, drs, therapists, advocates, friends, family, caregivers, etc)  to their “baby’s group”  and select the activities to share, track, and journal. Caregivers, advocates, nurses or doctor may be invited and access the info (informally, not official records) and if they leave the baby with someone else they can see what is happening. 

Only parents may invite guests to their baby's group. Parents may register several babies, and members can join different groups.

KANGAROO-A-THON: The parent may invite the Kangaroo-a-thon's administrator to the baby's group so the admin can see the kangaroo care for every baby in the team. Contact us if you have any questions  or would like a demo on how to do it email

REAL TIME: As soon as an activity is tracked, the account is updated for all the group members, so it is ideal for families that are not always together.


      • Journal (exports to PDF)
      • Learn Modules by experts

LEARN: We will be adding more modules, and will improve it as we raise funds to improve it.  Parents will have access to the latest information, evidence-based practices, and how best care for their infants, kangaroo care, and other subjects that we will be adding periodically.

WHO IS THE DEVELOPER? This app was developed by Nurtured by Design with collaboration of hundreds of parents and staff, developers, engineers, UX/UI experts, and in partnership with the Neurodevelopmental Follow-Up and Outcomes Group of the Mothers, Babies and Women’s Health Program (Mater Research Institute – The University of Queensland)  and in collaboration with Dr. Ashley Weber and the PREEMIE PROGRESS Lab at University of Cincinnati College of Nursing, Ohio, United States.

WHO FUNDED THE APP? The Zaky® app is funded by Nurtured by Design and a grant provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

WHAT IS NEXT? If you are participating in a Kangaroo-a-thon, ask your Team Leader about how to join the team.  If you are a team leader, contact to join the mailing list and receive updates.


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Here is how to register and invite others (i.e., spouse, family members, healthcare team, and others) to join the baby's group so you can share the activities and know what is happening with the baby in real time:

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