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Personal stories can change someone's world.

We want to help our readers better understand how The Zaky impacts families, caregivers, volunteers, healthcare professionals, etc., all around the world.  If you are reading this page is because we would like to invite you to write or video record your story and share it with our customers. 

Storytelling is essential to our mission. We sincerely hope that you accept our invitation to be featured, and here is how:  

 The post must be original, authentic, compelling and told in the first person.  Your story must be exclusive, which means it hasn’t been published anywhere else. If you’ve already published it elsewhere, please let us know.  All contributions are unpaid and by submitting your work you agree to release the copyright to us so we can use it full or in part.

Send us your content and consent: 

Please fill, sign and return with your content the following form:

Please include photos/videos and send to

  • Use a clear, informative headline as the subject line. This may be used as the title of you post. Specify in the subject line if your blog is timely.
  • Briefly summarize your story and include how The Zaky has touched your/your family/your baby's lives.
  • Briefly explain why you’re the right person to write the piece. What’s your relevant expertise or experience (e.g., are you a mom, a nurse, etc)?
  • Include your photo and short bio to include it at the bottom of the blog (optional but recommended).
  • It must be your own work. 
  • Contact us below with questions, comments or suggestions at

Thank you for your consideration.  Personal stories will touch others that are going through similar journeys, and inspire all of us to keep fighting. 

Thanks for allowing us to share your powerful story in your own words, and thanks for allowing us to be part of your journey. 

Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP
CEO, Nurtured by Design