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HUGging Twins

Here is a picture of my now 5 month olds twin girls. They spent 129 days in the NICU. My girls were born at 25 weeks. The one on the left weighed 1 lb 15 oz, and the one on the right was 1 lb 7 oz. When I found out about the Zaky I knew I had to have a set for each of my girls. They were separated into their own rooms immediately after they were born. The Zakys helped them with my scent and feel like someone was there. Many times I could not hold my babies and they were comforted by wrapping the hands around them and having my sent on them. Sometimes that was the only thing that would help my smaller one relax. Even being out of the hospital we use the Zaky like crazy. We place the hand on their back or butt at night so my husband and I can get some rest and they won't need us to hold them. We also use it as a neck rest or to hold their breathing machine attachment. I started a donation for the hospital my girls stayed in because I feel every baby needs a fighting chance, and unfortunately, unlike myself some parents cannot be there every day because they have to go back to work or have a long commute. I am hoping the Zaky will bring parents ease in knowing a little bit of them is there when they cannot be. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product to help our babies heal. Kasey Rickman