Billy - Houston Texas

"I have to tell you about how I used the Zakeez hand the other night. Billy is getting his two bottom teeth right now and Bill and I have been getting no sleep at all. I hadn't used 'the hand' in a while since he had been sleeping through the night and taking naps with no problem. Well, when the teething started so did the clinginess. He cries if you put him down on the floor, he cries if you try to put him in the crib or leave him in anyway. We basically have to get him to fall asleep downstairs, wait for about 20 minutes until he is in a hard sleep and then take him upstairs and leave him in his crib. In the middle of the night is even harder, he wakes up, starts crying (screaming is more accurate) and is only soothed if you are standing over his crib patting his back or at least just sitting there next to him. I have watched him sleep for 10 minutes, then I will slowly tip toe out of the room and as soon as he senses I am gone, he wakes up and starts screaming. Well, the other night, I was scared to even remove my hand from his back for fear he would wake up again when I glanced over and saw 'the hand'. I grabbed it and put it on his back. I slowly backed out of the room, expecting to hear him cry again, but he never did. It worked! I am so ready for the teething to be over and I really hope we can pick up on his good sleep patterns he had before, but until then I am really glad I have that thing! Tell Yamile if you see her that I said 'thanks' once again!" - Ann H - Houston Texas
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