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We are arguably the best on family-centered developmental care and kangaroo care / skin to skin care devices for around-the-clock care.The Zaky Experience in NICUs

Dear Clinician:

First and foremost, THANK YOU for the work that you do taking care of preemies, sick babies (like mine once was), and children saving their lives in the NICU, PICU, rehab, oncology, or other pediatric hospital units. You also care for families, teaching them how to care for their babies and making sure babies feel loved.  

The ICU may be a lonely place for patients, especially during COVID-19.  Not every parent can stay 24/7 for the duration of the hospitalization and we support them 24/7.

Thank you for taking the time to lean why The Zaky® system is arguably the most effective, safe, natural, nurturing, warm and cost-effective multi-sensory experience for hospitalized babies and their families:

We are engineers, ergonomists, supply chain experts, and former NICU parents, 
so we engineered The Zaky® experience for simplicity and
effectiveness around the clock for NICU babies and parents. It also streamlines
supply chain (that is why the staff and admin love us too!): 
  • Patient safety and improved healthcare outcomes.
  • Reduce the cost of healthcare.
  • Improve the satisfaction of parents, patients, and staff.
The Zaky ExperienceHow do we do it?
  • Nurturing parenting in the NICU and beyond by improving parent intervention, zero separation, kangaroo care, and trauma-informed care around the clock.  White paper: The Zaky offers Trauma-Informed-Care for hospitalized babies and their families (by Mary Coughlin).

  • We developed The Zaky® mobile app for parents and for managing Kangaroo-a-thons. They track activities like kangaroo care, journal, learn, and share the activities with the baby's group (i.e., other family members, friends, and healthcare professionals) and participate in Kangaroo-a-thons. The app is free.

  • We improve calmness and sleep by providing an ergonomic and predictable environment for every patient, parent, and staff shift after shift, day after day:

    • The Zaky HUG® is quiet, easy, safe, instinctive to learn and use, effective for positioning, nesting, boundaries, containment, as soothing aid, attachment/bonding, and much-needed individualized care.

    • Using The Zaky HUG® and The Zaky ZAK® reduces disruption during interventions, the environment and experience remain constant so the infant knows what to expect and self-regulates more effectively during the entire NICU stay.

    • The Zaky HUG® and The Zaky ZAK® provide soothing containment without the restriction for visual evaluations or the baby's movement for comfort and proper development.

    • The scent and the touch of their loved ones 24/7 improve the sense of security.

  • We assist with managing pain naturally reducing medication, by improving self-regulation both on the bed and while being held.

  • We prolong the duration, safety, and comfort while holding babies (skin to skin or clothed) and provide immediate access to the patient for breastfeeding, pumping, healthcare interventions, transfers, and an emergency with The Zaky ZAK®.

  • We streamline the entire supply chain.

    • The Zaky HUG comes in one universal size and weight so the only option is the color.

    • The Zaky ZAK comes in 4 sizes (each perfectly adjusts to 3 different sizes) and has one color per size so the staff knows the size by the color.

    • It is engineered to increase the effectiveness of trials, inventory, ordering, storage, training, using it, quality control, laundry, and extending patient care after discharge.

With The Zaky®, you translate science into practice, around the clock, and for every NICU patient regardless of size, medical condition, and developmental stage.

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Every patient is someone's baby, and we support nurturing them.  Parents give them love and show them there is a reason to fight. 

Love and scientific knowledge light our way.

The Zaky® and Kangaroo Care Awareness Day are how our family pays it forward to the NICU community. Professionals like you saved and cared for Zachary, our former micro-preemie who survived incredible odds and is now in college. We are forever grateful. Watch the video from Oprah about our story below.

Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP

CEO, Nurtured by Design
Family-owned and operated.
Member, NICU Parent Network (NPN)
Family Member, NIDCAP
Family Member, International Neonatal Consortium (INC)

Oprah Video (7min) about the story behind The Zaky

The HUFFPOST video (2min) shows The Zaky HUG in the NICU. 


Do you celebrate the International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (aka Kangaroo Care Day)? 

Our CEO started it on May 15th, 2011, as part of our The Zaky Cares program to raise awareness and increase the practice of kangaroo care.  NICUs in every continent celebrate this life-saving intervention on Kangaroo Care Day.  Learn more at www.kangaroo.care

Interested in learning and registering your team in the 2022 Global Kangaroo-a-thon?
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