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POSTER: "Improving The Frequency And Duration Of Skin To Skin Holding To Promote Parental Confidence In NICU" with The Zaky ZAK

par Customer Service sur June 11, 2020

by Elizabeth Jeanson PT DPT; Sheri Fischer, MSN RN CBC; Andrea Bunn DNP RN; David Munson, MD; Jessica Schnyders BSN RN; Nate Harris BSN RN

Sanford USD Medical Center & Clinics

Sanford Improvement Academy selected The Zaky ZAK to implement Kangaroo Care in the NICU.

The goal of this project was to, by September 2019:

  • Increase parental confidence by 40% 
  • Increase duration of skin to skin contact holding by 40%
  • Increase frequency of skin to skin contact holding by 20%

Here are the results:

  • Parental confidence increased by 62% on the PPCI
  • Duration of STS holding increased by 62%
  • Frequency of STS holding increased by 26%

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