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Info for hospitals and healthcare organizations

Thank you for your interest in providing the most sophisticated and around-the-clock evidence-based solutions for developmental care, neuroprotective care, and kangaroo care for hospitalized and healthy  infants/children AND their families.  The information includes evidence, videos, instructions, etc. 

Contact sales@thezaky.com Email us  or contact us to request information, the clinical evidence, videos, information about our risk-free trial, a live demo and Q&A, or for sales information.

Where to buy?  Contact us for the distributor closer to you - We are an approved vendor for many organizations globally including: 


- Ascension Healthcare

- Mayo Clinics

- Medline

- Karolinska University


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par Nina Stankovski sur June 25, 2019

Hi Yamile,
Thanks for your response. We would like to be quoted for 10 pairs of the Zaky hands please.

We currently have 20 of the Kangaroo Zak. Possibly will order more down the track but our priority is to get some Zaky hands as the staff and families have found them to be very beneficial for our infants.

Many thanks, Nina

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