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                Safe, soft, and close personal touch, ergonomic micro-climate, and deep engagement during kangaroo care / skin-to-skin contact.

                WHAT IS The Zaky ZAK®?

                Your tender skin takes your baby to the soundest sleep. Your chest is soothing, healing, and transformational. We engineered The Zaky ZAK® to secure the baby against your chest (bare or clothed) in any hospital unit (from birth to home) and to increase breastfeeding support.

                Wrap your torso, zip it up, and enjoy its soothing effect if your baby weighs 1 - 15 pounds.

                WHO USES IT?

                Moms wear it with and without the baby, instead of the hospital gown in the hospital and at home. Fathers wear it to hold their baby(ies) skin to skin or clothed. 

                Whether you love a preemie or a full-term baby, in a hospital or at home, or you are a family member or a volunteer cuddler of babies weighing from 1 to 15 lbs, The Zaky ZAK® is for you.

                See the evidence here, including Kangaroo Care (KC) for healthy babies, babies with congenital heart disease, Kangaroo care implementation in NICU, and increase in duration, frequency, and parent satisfaction in a NICU.

                The Zaky ZAK Birthing Experience

                WHY DOES IT WORK?

                The Zaky ZAK® (previously known as Kangaroo Zak) is a strong, soft, breathable, stretchy, and strapless top made with natural fibers that wrap around the torso of any adult. It closes in the front and side with an adjustable zipper, so it fits consistently for a predictable nurturing experience.

                Evidence suggests that during continuous contact, the baby reaches deep sleep necessary to heal, grow and develop their brain.

                WHY USE IT?

                The Zaky ZAK® provides comfort, proper positioning, and security to the baby and the adult from Antepartum (preparing for delivery and holding monitors) to Labor & Delivery, C-Sections, Post Partum, all hospital units caring for babies, and at home until the baby weighs around 15 lbs. 

                The Zaky ZAK® is the only device engineered to keep the baby safe if the parent uses the hands or gets distracted during kangaroo care while supervised by another adult. The zippers fit the torso perfectly. Quietly open the zipper partially to access the baby for healthcare interventions, breastfeeding, and pumping.

                HOW DOES IT KEEP MY BABY SAFE?

                Used in the correct size, The Zaky ZAK® keeps the baby warm and in place, with constant soothing containment from neck to toes. Close the zipper fully to consider the baby safe during Kangaroo Care or partially open it for interventions, breastfeeding, and transfers.  

                Please consult with your doctor or nurse before doing Kangaroo Care, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, WHO, UNICEF, etc.

                Celebrate magical and transformative moments with The Zaky®!

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                The Zaky WELCOME BABY GIFT SET (The Zaky ZAK® + The Zaky HUG®)


                The Zaky ZAK®

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