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The transformational superpower of a parent's loving touch.

The Zaky is researched and scientifically based.

Zero Separation. The Zaky® brings us together when the world is staying apart.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Zaky® remains to be an essential in evoking zero separation between you and your baby.

We know how magical your touch, scent, and love are when it comes to naturally fostering the perfect surroundings for a restorative sleep.

That is why we offer The Zaky ZAK® when you are together and The Zaky HUG® when you are apart. The Zaky ZEN® is our organic wellness line.

Always remember, sleep is important in protecting the brain and nurturing the development of the senses as it important for growth, attachment, breastfeeding, and healing.

The Zaky® is available to ship globally.


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Love and zero separation around the clock


The Zaky CARES™ initiative updates

The Zaky CARES™ collaborates with families and organizations to give The Zaky nurturing experience to hospitalized babies globally.

by K. Gill, London UK Collectively, our relationship with NHS Queen Charlotte's Hospital, London, UK...

UPDATE Sept 07, 2021:  Our newspaper run an article also online with an update regarding the donation of...

https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/zakyforqcchWe are parents who share a long relationship with Queen Charlotte's hospital, London, UK. We...

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