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Love and scientific knowledge are left and center of The Zaky

The Zaky has became even more important for zero separation during COVID-19 because your touch, scent, and love are magical and provide the perfect surroundings for a restorative sleep.  The Zaky ZAK when you are #together, and The Zaky HUG when you are #apart.

Sleep protects the brain and the development of the senses; it also promotes growth, breastfeeding, and healing.

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THE ZAKY SYSTEM is engineered for around the clock nurturing and loving care

The Zaky HUG for neuroprotective Family Integrated care from birth to forever

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The Zaky ZAK for Kangaroo Care and Skin to Skin Contact

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Organic Soap Bar by The Zaky ZEN

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The story of our brand is the story of our family

we invite you to be part of it!

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