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Ergonomics, Safety Engineering and Technology for Parent/Child

Family integrative, neuroprotective care needs to be implemented widely and effectively.
We apply science, love, and a heavy dose of parental intervention to engineer The Zaky experience, the human-centered, nurturing, ergonomic devices for individualized care around the clock. 

Nurtured by Design, Inc., was established in 2001 by Yamile Jackson, inspired by her son Zach's premature birth (28 weaker, 906 gr) and incredible story of survival after Tropical Storm Allison shut down the hospital when he was three weeks old. Determined to turn his pain and struggle to survive into purpose, Yamile, with her PhD in ergonomics and safety engineering, a traumatic five-month experience in two NICUs, and profound gratitude with the NICU healthcare team, founded Nurtured by Design to engineer solutions to improve the NICU journey and outcomes for babies and families.

Under The Zaky® brand and on behalf of Zach, they integrate safety and ergonomics engineering, parental intervention, personal experience, and evidence-based practices to nurture infants and families from birth and around the clock, promote self-regulation and zero-separation care:

The Zaky HUG® extends parental nurturing touch and scent, fostering the baby’s sense of security and self-regulation and promoting individualized developmental and neuroprotective care when the baby is not being held.

During the hospital blackout, Yamile held Zach in kangaroo care, and it became her mission to assist with safe implementation. Nurtured by Design offers a three-part kangaroo care solution, that includes:

The Zaky ZAK®, a safety device engineered to provide safety and quiet access during care sessions even if the parent falls asleep. 

The Zaky APP® , funded by the Gates Foundation and Nurture by Design, is engineered to count kangaroo care as a team and to benchmark with other NICUs. It provides metrics and analytics and assists in tracking kangaroo care for quality improvement projects.

Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15), established on Zach’s 10th birthday in 2011, has become a globally embraced initiative, uniting people beyond boundaries. Join us on May 15th for a day filled with love, warmth, connection, celebrations, and lots of kangaroo care! #kangaroocareday @kangaroocareday

Together, we're nurturing brighter beginnings, a seamless inclusion of babies into their families, and healthier futures.
The Zaky® products and services calm babies and families, protecting Zero-Separation, neuroprotection, development, and improving
their quality of life for a lifetime.
On behalf of Zachary.
With The Zaky®, all babies experience a nurturing, healing, and welcoming world from birth, where they can sleep, grow, develop, and feel loved.


The Zaky® are our award-winning products and they provide extra-hands allowing for zero separation while safely holding and calming your baby so they can sleep and feel safe. Our products extend the power of your touch to nurture your baby and create a micro-environment that promotes sleep, brain development, and attachment around the clock. 



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