HUGging Tabitha - Glasgow, Scotland

My little Tabitha did not have as access to The Zaky HUG when she spent 22 long weeks in the neonatal unit after her birth at 23/24 weeks at 700 grams or 1lb 8oz in old money!  

But she inspired me to help my local nurses to be able to give our babies the best available developmental resources to support their journey on the unit . As an infant massage instructor I truly believe in the power of touch and it was when one of the nursery staff told me about a relative of theirs who just had a tiny baby that I later was introduced to The Zaky HUG. I later met Gail and Barry and their little Jessica who used The Zaky HUG on the unit . 

I was completely sold on the concept and it fitted the constitution of our little voluntary group the Tiny Tabitha Fund. So for the last 4 years we have strived to fundraise and give every baby at forth valley royal hospital neonatal unit the chance to be developmentally supported with a Zaky hand sometimes even 2 . I blether on about the importance of baby being able to smell their mummy and to be able to have skin to skin contact to all who will listen ! ! 

Tabitha now

Although Tabitha did not get the benefit of being able to smell me from a zaky in early stages, she does have her own Zaky now . It's never far from her bed and often if her tummy is unsettled ( she is milk and soya intolerant ) she will lie the zaky over her tummy. In the photo she has it at her ear because of an ear infection. She asked me to sent it before she went to the caravan for a few days with her granny and papa. We are hoping to hold our next little event in November to raise more money . Tabitha's primary school are also helping us to promote 'cuddles for Christmas ' for our sick and Prem babies. Think you will know exactly what they are yip you got it The Zaky HUGs :) 

Amanda Rutherford, Glasgow, Scotland

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