HUGging Cameron – California (CTICU at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles)

Nurtured by Design – Family for life

We are forever grateful to Yamile for her passion, spirit, and interest in helping families get through some of life’s toughest situations. Yamile learned of our story through a rep she met at a trade show the week our daughter was born with a rare congenital heart defect. After hearing our story, Yamile sent us a pair of The Zaky hands with a very sweet, personal note. Over the past three years, we have become friends through email and stay apprised of each others’ family stories. In fact, upon learning Cameron was headed back to surgery at 5 months old Yamile’s son, Zachary, wrote and sent Cameron a get- well card.

The Zaky HUG – Friend for life

We’ve grown up with The Zaky! Our daughter has come to rely on The Zaky both inside and outside the hospital. Cameron has had six hospital stays since birth and The Zaky has been by her side each time. She sleeps with her pair of The Zakys every night and we always bring them with us when traveling. Her The Zakys are so important they have been dubbed her “Nigh Nigh hands” and have earned a note in Cameron’s baby book: I had the The Zaky Hands (lime color) to help me get to sleep every naptime and night.

Thank you Nurtured by Design!

We are your friends for life!

The Van Poppelen Family”


Cameron (DOB 7/8/11) was in CTICU at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. 7 weeks – July – August 2011
5 weeks – Dec – January 2011
1 week – May 2014

Other hospital visits:
2 nights Torrance Memorial Medical Center Oct 2012 1 day outpatient at CHLA April 2014

Travels: The Zaky goes with us on all of our overnight excursions and long day trips. You will see some of the photos reflect this.
Nighttime: Cameron sleeps with her Zaky’s nightly and during naps. She calls them her “nigh nigh hands.”

Cameron using The Zaky through the years

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