Michelle Larose, Foster Parent, Oliver B.C., Canada

"I am currently using the Zaky for my 4-month-old foster daughter who has been suffering from irritability, inability to self-sooth as well as suffering from prenatal exposure to alcohol and drugs. As you probably are aware, these infants are extremely difficult to settle, and, like our foster daughter, despite many attempts to soothe her we were unsuccessful; until the Zaky. I literally took the Zaky out of the bag, placed it horizontally across her chest and voila! there she laid still and content looking around the room. I had never seen this baby calm for anything the way she did with the Zaky. Prior to receiving the Zaky we had to put the baby to sleep in a swing because in the crib she would scream until we picked her up. The day after, we placed the Zaky again across her chest and waited for the scream…it never happened. Before, our biggest fear was leaving the house without her soother. Now we don't go anywhere without the Zaky. Thank you for this amazing gift. It has changed our lives drastically." - Michelle Larose, Foster Parent, Oliver B.C., Canada Member of the South Okanagan Foster Parents Association
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