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Krysty, "First Time Mom" - Houston, Texas

"I have a newborn that not only is a light sleeper, but refuses to sleep on his back. He would very rarely have more than 2 hour sleep stretches and for the most part would wake up every hour to hour and a half. I had purchased the wedges from the local baby store to help him stay on his side, but he would sweat profusely and squirm uncomfortably because the material was so hard. So, I purchased both the left and right hand Zakeez and have realized I use them every chance I get: * I line his tummy and his back to keep him on his side and it is so obvious that he is more comfortable and that he is not getting overheated. Because I am able to keep him comfortable on his side, I can watch him now on averages of 2 to 3 hour stretches and will sometimes sleeping for 4 hours. * My son likes to kick his blanket off, so I also use them as a weight on the blankets. This way if he rolls over or kicks them, I know the Zakeez! is soft enough that he won't hurt himself. * We also take the Zakeez with us when we travel. We realize we have really become dependent on the Zakeez almost like the 'Security Blanket" syndrome." -Kristy, "First Time Mom" Houston, Texas

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