B’nai Mitzvah Project to Donate The Zakys to Jersey Shore University Medical Center

Hi ! Our names are Hannah, Ethan, and Paul Morris,
We are triplets that were born at JSUMC in April of 2004. We were very lucky that we made it to 35 weeks.  Our parents and Us are very grateful for the care we received when we were born. Hannah got to go home with our mom put Ethan and I had to stay in the NICU a bit.
In honor of the great care we received we want to give back. We want to raise money for Zaky hands,  a positioning device  that mimics human hands to help position the babies in the NICU to keep them calm and organized.
For every Zaky Hand We buy the company will donate a matching hand.  Here is a Link to check it out:


We are have a go fund:
The Zaky Delivery
We are also selling bracelets at $2 dollars each.

We hope to raise $3000 dollars so that with the company providing a matching hand for every one purchase, every isolette/crib will have a pair of hands.

Thank you,
Hannah, Ethan, and Paul Morris

Hi All!
We made our donation today to the NICU today! We were able raise enough money buy 33 The Zaky hands, and the company, Nurtured by Design graciously made a matching donation so we were able to donate 33 pairs of hands on behalf of Zachary.

 Thank you again to everyone who made a donation!
A special thank you to Harry Copeland and Taco Bell in Neptune who allowed us to have a Table to collect Donations!
We would also like to thank Mr. Joe Cofone with his assistance with our project.

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