Meghan Bertani, M.A., CCLS, CPST

The Zakys are wonderful devices to use in car seats. They help to properly position infants and support them while in the car seat. They are safe to use because they do not impede with the car seat's ability to protect the infant during a crash. There are many products on the market that advertise that they properly position infants in the car seat, but the problem with these products is they are usually attached to the car seat in some way. This can be dangerous because that product could interfere with the car seat's ability to protect the child during a crash. That item was not crash tested with the car seat, so there is no way of knowing if it will impede the function of the car seat. The Zakys are safe to use in car seats because they help to get the infant in the correct position so the car seat's harness straps are able to secure the infant in the seat in the best way possible. However, since they are not attached to the car seat, in the event of a crash, the Zakys would not impede the car seat's protective function because they would become separated from the seat. By placing a Zaky on either side of the infant, they help to get the infant in the safest position before a crash would occur." - Meghan Bertani, M.A., CCLS, CPST Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Child Life Specialist & Certified Passenger Safety Technician Houston, TX
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