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The Zaky FAQs - Check "How to" section or read on

General Use

1. How safe are The Zaky products?

2. Can The Zaky HUG be used anywhere?

3. Is The Zaky HUG safe and adequate to use in car seats/bouncy seats/swings?

At home

1. Can I practice Skin-to-Skin without The Zaky ZAK?

2. Are The Zaky ZAK competitors as effective?

3. Does The Zaky HUG restrict baby movement when placed on top?

4. Do I need a pair of The Zaky HUGs?

5. Is there a difference between the right and left Zaky HUG?

In the hospital

1. For how long have hospitals used The Zaky HUG?

2. What hospital units use The Zaky HUG?

3. Is The Zaky HUG for any hospitalized baby?

4. Can I use The Zaky HUG in an incubator?

5. Do you train caregivers to use The Zaky HUG?

6. Do hospitals allow parents to bring Zaky HUGs to the Unit?

7. Who washes The Zaky HUGs in hospitals?

8.Can we hand down The Zaky HUG?

9. Does The Zaky HUG help babies who are NOT in contact with their biological family members?

10.Could I talk to health professionals about their experience with The Zaky?

Evidence behind our products

1. What clinical evidence is available about The Zaky HUG?

2. Is there evidence that The Zaky HUG helps babies sleep better?

Hospitals or bulk purchases

1. How can we get The Zaky HUGs for the hospital?

2. What if my hospital doesn’t want me to take The Zaky HUGs home?

3. What if I want a bulk order?