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The Zaky® 12th Annual GIVEAWAY for the most vulnerable in Ukraine


This year we remember our Zach being in the NICU in Houston during the flood that shut down the power to the hospital, and also on the Sept. 11 attacks.  

The Zaky® was born out of necessity to comfort and bond with Zachary, and my need to make sure he felt loved. My promise that his pain and struggle to survive were not in vain and to dedicate my life to helping babies like him and families like ours.  

With The Zaky CARES® program we donate The Zaky® products to the most vulnerable since 2001, and we have an annual GIVEAWAY to support NICUs celebrate Kangaroo Care Day (May 15). 

For this, our 12th annual GIVEAWAY, our heart is with the babies, families, and courageous staff in the NICUs in Ukraine. We donated The Zaky HUG®, The Zaky ZAK®, blankets to every baby in 16 NICUs in Ukraine (150 babies) so they can be warm, comforted on the bed, and held in kangaroo care with The Zaky®.

Our family and team donated The Zaky® on behalf of Zachary (who turns 21 on May 15)  and on behalf of all the babies, families, and clinicians that have supported our small family-owned business for the last two decades. 

We are proud to be partnering with the March of Dimes and NICU family organizations from Ukraine and Poland that distribute The Zaky®s to the NICUs. Special thanks to NIDCAP for supporting us with finding the right people from Ukraine. 

The need is great and our support for the NICUs will continue, so please contact us if you would like to donate any items specific for NICU babies in Ukraine.

      by Marie Boone-Clark on June 06, 2022

      What a wonderful, HUMAN thing to do.

      by Sherry Francis on June 06, 2022

      The Zaky is so loved in our unit. They are multipurpose from calming babies to holding Ram NC in place. Thank you for making them!

      by Kristina Mahan on April 29, 2022

      We love the Zaky hands in our NICU, they seem to disappear fast because they are so popular!!


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