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Insiyah - FUNDRAISER: Born too soon, I paint rocks. Join to give The Zaky to my NICU

UPDATE Sept 07, 2021:  Our newspaper run an article also online with an update regarding the donation of The Zaky HUGs to the NICU at the Royal Columbian Hospital!!

By Insiyah, 13 years old, British Columbia, Canada

FUNDRAISER Benefiting: NICU, Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, BC, Canada

My story started in the NICU - and gave me a purpose


Standing up for the most vulnerable with The Zaky project.

My name is Insiyah and I am 13 years old. I was born prematurely weighing only 660 grams and spent 3 months in the NICU at the Royal Columbian Hospital.

 During this pandemic I started painting rocks with messages of hope and raised funds for different projects (Tricity news on August 14 2020).

 Recently my mom told me that when I was in the NICU she continuously requested the nurses a product for me called The Zaky but they didn't have enough. Even now she wished she could have left The Zaky with me when she could not hold or touch me. 

I said "why don't we continue with the rocks and with the funds we donate The Zaky to every baby at the Royal Columbian NICU?" and my mom thought it was an amazing idea. We contacted The Zaky and they loved the idea too.

I invite you to join me, buy a painted rock or two, or donate funds so together we make sure that every NICU baby and parent has The Zaky by 2021 Valentine's Day. We start with the Zaky HUG for Royal Columbian Hospital and with your generosity we could expand to reach all the NICUs in British Columbia!! 

The NICU at Royal Columbian Hospital

The NICU team saved my life and now I want to give them lots of HUGs!

Located in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, the NICU takes care of hundreds of babies annually.

Every day they save lives of the most vulnerable.  13 years ago they saved mine. 

About The Zaky

Touch changes everything

The Zaky brings us #TOGETHER even when the world is staying #APART

 "The story of The Zaky is the story of our family, and we are honored to partner with Insiyah to comfort babies and parents in the NICU at Royal Columbian Hospital. 

On behalf of Zachary, and through our The Zaky Cares, we will donate the shipping fee from Sugar Land, Texas to the NICU  in New Westminster on February 1st so they arrive on time to be delivered by Valentine's Day by Insiyah and Rubina, her loving mother."

- Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP

CEO, Nurtured by Design


The Zaky HUG

The Zaky HUG

A nurturing touch, the scent of the parents, a hug that comforts and promotes sleep when babies/children are not being held. No age limit.


The Zaky ZAK

The Zaky ZAK keeps the baby safe during kangaroo care / skin to skin contact. Engineered for hospitalized babies weighing 1-15lbs.

Donate to love, comfort, and provide evidence-based neuroprotective care to babies born too soon!

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