Paying it forward - A grandmother is touched by The Zaky HUG in Australia

I am the proud grandmother of a surprise, very early birth of a first grandchild in Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital in Australia.

Born at 23 weeks, this new earthling took the parents by surprise and created great challenges.  In the bustle of the new situation the baby was gifted a blue The Zaky HUG.    

As an onlooking grandma I was greatly moved by this action. I had never heard of The Zaky. The donors, who had fundraised and donated quite a number of them, had had a premature baby that had not survived. 

When you are thrown into the very demanding reality of having a premature baby in intensive care such a gesture feels immensely supportive and gives strength.

For my grandchild and its parents The Zaky HUG has been a wonderfully reassuring and nurturing part during these first, delicate months. 

This is why I decided to create some funds by selling my own hand crafted items and purchase more of The Zakys and gift this gift forward to let more premature babies benefit.

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