Mommy, Daddy, 3 ways to design the nursery with me in mind

To all you pinterest parents, remember that the main goal of the nursery is to induce sleep.

The Baby Sleep Site, talks about the importance of color psychology when designing your nursery. A vibrant color such as red, induces activity and fun; suitable for the game room, inappropriate for bedtime.

Alison Wilkinson, an ex corporate lawyer and current mommy blogger, shows nurseries that accommodate different levels of activeness in her post 12 Beautiful Calming Nurseries to Inspire Sleep!

With these articles in mind we suggest that you follow 3 principles when designing your nursery:

Include 3 levels of light: natural light when she is awake, dimmed lights before bed and naptime, and almost blackout. Remember that natural light at dawn helps your baby adjust to nature’s cycles.

Use neutral colors: grey, earth and green tones make a good canvas to add little pops of colors. For even calmer effect while keeping the fun, replace the pops of colors with patterns of neutrals.

Think of YOU: babies pick emotional cues from their caregivers; the calmer you are, the calmer he’ll be. So go ahead and splurge in that comfy  chair and the enjoy!

Turn the nursery in the space of your baby’s dreams by following these principles. Share your nursery @TheZaky #DreamyNursery and the most sleep conducive will win The Zaky HUG.

Twitter: Read our post and share a pic of your nursery. The most sleep conducive will win The Zaky HUG #DreamyNursery

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