Our Story

“Nothing heals the soul, body, and mind  of a parent and newborn than being connected by touch”
- Yamile


The birth of our son Zach, was life changing in many ways,
A preemie, weighing less than two pounds had come to stay.
While still so tiny, helpless, and incubator bound,
A flood hit Houston; no electricity to be found.
I held him skin to skin to my chest while others gave him breath,
If it were not for my husband and the NICU staff Zach was headed for death.
Transferred to another hospital we finally got a break,
We knew his life was special and there was so much at stake.
I wanted Zach to feel me, even when I was not there,
I made The Zaky to simulate my hands, so Zach would know we cared.
With our scent wrapped around him, Zach would not fear human touch,
He would learn that human hands did not always mean it would hurt so much.
My four degrees in engineering empowered me to develop The Zaky line,
Parents all around the world, now connect with their children and sleep fine.
The Zaky ZAK, HUG, ZEN, and now the APP, all nurture them to relax and not feel alone,
For every baby everywhere, to love, to comfort, and to get them home.

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Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP
CEO, Nurtured by Design

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