Where do I find a CONTEST CODE for The Zaky® APP?

Only Team Leaders registered in The Zaky® app may join or create a contest. The team members will automatically participate in any contest Team Leaders join or create.

There are two types of contests or Kangaroo-a-thons in The Zaky® app:

In a One-Team Contest, the team leader only creates a contest for their team. It does not require a Contest Code because the team members participate automatically. 

The Host-Team Leader of a Multi-Team Contest is assigned a Contest Code that is shared with the Leaders of other teams so they can join.   Ask the leader of the "Host-Team" of the Contest to share the Contest Code. It has a C and six digits (i.e., C438433)

Here you will find the contest codes for Kangaroo-a-thons that are open for others to join:

(There are no open contests currently)

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