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Pediatric ergonomics and Safety Engineering

Neuroprotective Care Had to Change... so we changed it! 

Nurtured by Design is a disruptive, family-owned engineering company established in 2001. We are based in Sugar Land, Texas and we touch sweet families around the world.

Our mission is to change lives by building upon scientific knowledge to deliver powerful products, personal experiences, and results that transform complex ideas into intuitive ergonomic solutions.

Our brand, The Zaky, is proven to support parents and their children, engineered to provide an ergonomic and nurturing environment that protects the brain by improving sleep, promotes attachment/bonding by reducing separation, and supports the best possible development of all infants and small children around the clock.  Click here to see the studies and publications using The Zaky

We invite you to learn about our products The Zaky ZAK, The Zaky HUG, and The Zaky ZEN and how they work together to provide proven methods that reduce mortality and morbidities of the newborn.

Our true story of science and a transformative promise, our work, and our The Zaky Cares Program (corporate social responsibility On Behalf of Zachary) have been featured by domestic and international media, and we have received over 20 awards..  

Woman owned business     

We want to acknowledge the important grants provided by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Oprah and Toyota, Deluxe, Constant Contact, and the Goradia Innovation Prize.