Fundraiser for Queen Charlotte's hospital, London, UK.

Fundraiser for Queen Charlotte's hospital, London, UK.

We are parents who share a long relationship with Queen Charlotte's hospital, London, UK.

We recently contacted them to see if there was any current fundraising requirements and were told that the Neonatal Department is in current need of some weighted hands called Zaky HUG aka Zaky HAND,

here is the link:

The Zaky HUG is used to help position the babies and also to give the babies a sense of security that they are being held when their parents are unable to hold them. This item takes on the smell of the parents too, which really can help aid a baby's recovery. The Department's current stock is getting depleted and urgently needs replacing.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic their budget is restricted to emergency items only. We thought we could just order these online and get the job done, however surprisingly there is no UK stockist. So, they have to be shipped from the manufacturer in the USA, who are "". The Zaky Cares Program has offered to donate the shipping fees (shipping, customs, VAT and insurance) on behalf of Zachary if we meet our target.

We humbly request any donation, no matter how small, towards meeting this target. Please share. Thank you so very much!



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