Special present: The Zaky HUG by Jasmine

Special present: The Zaky HUG by Jasmine

All the way from USA

Daddy brought a special present for me. He moved mountains to get special The Zakys HUGs for me, all the way from the US of A (from a village called Sugar Land) .

The Zaky HUG

With extreme expedited delivery, he managed the customs declarations and change of delivery straight to my room. 

The left hand is Daddy (he's a lefty ;-), the right hand is Mommy's. First they wore it on them for more than an hour, so now I can smell them in my little house all time :-) 

When I sleep I can feel their warmth through the soft hands, the hands support me and make me very comfortable. It makes me sleep like a baby :-)

(more info on the Zaky: https://www.thezaky.com)

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