Jessie from Rochester, MN using The Zaky ZAK®

Jessie from Rochester, MN using The Zaky ZAK®

My little girl was born unexpectedly at 28 weeks and 1 day and was immediately transferred to the NICU for her care.

In a time where everything was scary and foreign, the Zaky ZAK allowed my husband and I to experience a meaningful connection with our daughter through kangaroo care and create a bond in those moments of cuddling even though we weren't able to bring her home or even pick her up without assistance.

The Zaky ZAK fits comfortably around us and helps contain all the cords and wires that come along with a NICU stay.

Right now our little girl is thriving and gaining weight. We give lots of credit to the kangaroo care that the three of us enjoy so much.

Thank you for creating The Zaky ZAK, a product that helps us build that
connection while feeling secure holding our most precious gift!


Thank you!
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

The Zaky ZAK  



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