New parent, uncover 3 types of powers of your touch on your baby.

New parent, uncover 3 types of powers of your touch on your baby.

Mom and Dad, your powerful touch provides myriad physiological, intellectual and, more importantly, emotional benefits to your baby:

1) Physiological: In its paper The power of human touch on babies, the Canadian Association of Pediatric Health Centres shows that 5 types of human touch benefit heart rate, breathing rate, weight gain, body temperature, and sleep.

2) Intellectual: In their article “A Parent’s Touch Actually Transforms A Baby’s Brain,” the author states that parent-child touch shapes social and functional aspects of the developing brain. Touch increases neurological development, which is related to cognitive, motor, and intellectual abilities.

3) Emotional: Your touch helps your baby to deal with stress and alleviate her cry. Moreover, psychologists argue that painful physical experiences get stored in babies’ unconscious impacting their adult lives. We suspect that pleasant sensorial experiences positively impact them for life!

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Sources: Alice Miller “The Drama of the gifted child”. IG

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