Millennial Parent, 3 steps for a powerful parenthood

Millennial mom and dad, you are more powerful than you know. Perfection is overrated.

Time Magazine, in its article Help! My parents are millennials, covers the new parenting struggles: navigating the information overload, comparing themselves on social media, and so on. Millennials are more worried about being the perfect parent than any other generation.

On the other hand, the Urban Child Institute, experts in baby neuroscience, argue that a warm, sensitive and responsive relationship with the parents gives the baby a sense of security and stimulates brain development leading to better cognitive, behavioral and social skills.

So, hone that unique power of yours by applying these 3 steps:

Give up perfection: is overrated, impossible, unnecessary and frankly detrimental to your anxiety levels.

Express love: Love and respect your baby in ways he understands.

Manage knowledge: As a millennial, your sense of curiosity is insatiable. But don’t let knowledge consume you. You won’t find your intuition on google.

You’ll never be perfect, but always powerful. Let every parenting decision reflect that powerful touch and inspire all of our products.

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