Trish Carr, NICU Manager

[The Zakys] are awesome. The parents love them. We use The Zaky on our large surgical patients. The Zaky offers security for a "Buppy". What I like most about the Zaky is that it is a hand and it can be washed. The arm of the Zaky is used as a boundary with the hand cradling the head. The babies that benefit the most from the Zaky are all especially those requiring some boundary or nesting. The main difference between the Zaky and other items I use to comfort the babies is the length, much softer, is like a Mom's hand providing touch. The Zaky help me in my job as it helps to provide boundaries and comfort irritable babies. The families especially like it. They feel we and they are offering something special for their baby. It offers much support and help." - Trish Carr NICU Manager, Driscoll Children's Hospital Corpus Christin, Texas, USA
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