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Congratulations, you now have a The Zaky HUG®, arguably the most sophisticated and loving device engineered to provide a predictable and effective micro-environment that assists babies with falling asleep. 



The Zaky HUG


Evidence shows that touch leads babies to quiet sleep; that’s when the brain develops.  Sensory systems that require sleep for normal development include touch, motion, position, smell and taste, hearing, seeing, emotion, social learning, and memory.

Your nurturing touch changes everything, from the brain of the newborn to the heart of the adult. Above all, touch best communicates your love for each other and keeps you calm and connected.

The Zaky HUG® is engineered to ergonomically mimic your touch’s firmness, weight, softness, warmth, shape, and scent so your baby feels loved and sleeps when you are not holding them.

Click here to learn about the positive results of using the Zaky HUG® for NICU babies that participated in different independent clinical studies.

By providing a positive sensorial experience, family-integrated care, relaxation, and nonpharmacologic pain management, The Zaky HUG® is the preferred intervention for babies. That’s why The Zaky HUG® is used and loved in homes and hospitals globally for almost two decades. 

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How to use The Zaky HUG®

The Zaky HUG® is ergonomically crafted to absorb your scent and engineered to extend the power of your touch.

SCENT IT by wearing it behind your neck or chest for an hour or while you sleep. Repeat after each wash.

WASH/DRY/STORE IT in its washing bag, preferably away from artificial scents and fragrances.  Lauder before its first use and as often as needed with the rest of the baby's items.

WARM IT: in a towel warmer, for a couple of minutes in the dryer, or against your skin.

WORK IT: adjust the filling to mimic your touch's pressure, and do not place on top of the baby more than 10-15% of the child's body weight. Each The Zaky HUG® weighs 500 grams (1.1 pounds.) Position your baby first and then The Zaky HUG® as you'd position your arms.

DURING SKIN-TO-SKIN CONTACT: Place it behind your neck while holding your baby in kangaroo care with The Zaky ZAK® (sold separately). It will help you relax while you scent and warm it simultaneously.

PREPARE NATURALLY: Limit chemicals or fragrances on your skin or when washing The Zaky HUG®. Use our natural/organic products from The Zaky ZEN® (sold separately).

"SAFE SLEEP":  The Zaky HUG® provides a consistent and predictable environment for babies to learn to self-soothe and fall asleep, reducing the need for swaddling.  
Use your hands or hold your baby to assist them with falling asleep, then use The Zaky HUG® for continued containment and your soothing scent. Abide by the American Academy of Pediatrics' Back to Sleep' and safety guidelines by using The Zaky HUG® to assist the baby with falling asleep and taking it with you after the baby is sleeping or is unsupervised. Your healthcare team may recommend other uses for The Zaky HUG®, depending on the individual condition of your baby.

GROWING WITH THE ZAKY HUG®:  Babies love the weight, soothing touch, and your scent, making it their favorite aid to fall asleep even as they grow. We have customers that, after 12 years, still use them at night for comfort. Nothing replaces being comforted by you, and The Zaky HUGs® are there to extend the power of your touch.