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The Zaky HUG is the only device engineered by a former NICU parent (and PhD in ergonomics and safety engineering) and with parents' experience in mind.  It extends a loving touch and provides a predictable micro-environment by simulating the shape, weight, scent, and touch of the parents' hands and arms that HUG and comfort the baby while not being held.

One universal weight and size allows you to provide individualized care to all babies and children anywhere, in any hospital unit, daycare, and home.

Similarly to adults, babies sleep better when the bed and items that touch them feel familiar, warm, safe, and comfortable, and interventions create as minimal disruption as possible. Hence the importance of using one pair of The Zaky HUG day after day, shift after shift, preferably scented with the scent of the parents (they hold The Zaky HUG to their skin on the chest or behind the neck for 30 minutes).

One pair of The Zaky HUG virtually replaces all other developmental care devices:  nests, rolls, positioners, attachment aids, transitional aids, comfort aids, etc., to keep a predictable environment where patients self regulate significantly more effectively and even with decreased apnea and bradycardia and reduce pain indicators

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  • EVIDENCE: Independent Research that evaluates The Zaky HUG in NICUs:
    • Laundry: Follow the same laundry protocol as the clothing of the babies.  It is recommended to wash inside the washbag that is included with The Zaky HUG. 
    • Reuse:  May be washed and re-assigned to another patient.
    • Scent The Zaky HUG: Scent with the parents' scent after every wash by placing it on the chest or behind the neck touching the skin.
The Zaky HUG


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