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Jessie Walters, NICU nurse chooses The Zaky ZAK when her baby is born.

As a NICU nurse, there’s nothing more special than helping a parent being able to hold their baby skin to skin (kangaroo care). Babies in NICU have extra cords and tubes that can cause anxiety for the parents and make holding a baby more challenging. We want every parent to hold the baby as frequently as possible and feel comfortable doing it. The Zaky Zak helps to keep the baby in place on the parent’s chest so there is less worry.  It helps insure a safe and more restful snuggle time for both the parent and baby which promotes growth and development. It also provides the NICU staff with the peace of mind that baby will be more secure during kangaroo time.

As mom, I love using the Zaky Zak! My baby would snuggle right in for skin to skin time and slept much more soundly. I didn’t have to worry about her wiggling her way down or my arms getting tired from holding her up because it kept her where I put her. It’s nice to have your arms and hands free once in while. Every parent needs a Zaky ZAK!